Career Center

Is there a charge for Adult Basic Education?

No, this program is offered free of charge.

Consumer Credit Counseling

Will going on a Debt Management Program hurt my credit?

CCCS of Huntington does not report anything to the credit bureaus; however, the creditors will still report. If you make late payments to us, your creditors may report it. When you enter into a DMP, your credit card accounts will be closed. Anytime you close an account, your credit score may drop a few points. This happens regardless of the reason for closing. Chances are, even if you have been making on-time payments, but your account balances have reached the credit limit or are above 50 percent of your credit line, your score has probably been affected negatively. When you enter the DMP and begin making your monthly payments on time each month, your credit score, if it’s been affected, should start to improve over time because of on-time payments and lower balances.

Will I still pay interest on my credit card accounts?

Creditors set the guidelines for Debt Management Plan (DMP) interest rates. So yes, you will still pay interest, but in most instances, it will be significantly lower than what you are paying now and depending on which creditors you have, they may waive the interest completely. It varies from creditor to creditor. All credit counseling agencies have to adhere to the creditors’ guidelines.

Can I pay more than my required payment?

Yes!  If you can comfortably make larger payments toward your DMP, you will pay the debts off much faster and pay less in interest over time.  We just ask that you pay the extra through us, so that we can keep accurate records for you.

Will checking my credit report hurt me?

No. Checking your own credit report is a soft inquiry because you are not applying for credit. However, each time you apply for a credit card or some types of loans, it is a hard inquiry and will affect the score. The only exception to that rule is applying for a home or auto loan. You can have multiple inquires within a 14-day period and it will only count as one hard inquiry because you are only trying to obtain one loan.

Can you take my payments out of my checking account?

Yes, if you like, we can set you up for ACH withdrawal from a checking or savings account. We actually encourage the ACH method of payment because it ensures that your payments will be made on-time each month. It is also more convenient for our clients so they don’t have to remember to mail or drop off the payment to us.

Employment Services

What is the duration of the facility-based Work Adjustment Training Program?

60 days

What is the duration of the community-based Work Adjustment Training Program?

90 Hours

Are the facility-based and community-based Work Adjustment programs paid training periods?

Yes, minimum wage.

What are the eligibility requirements for Employment Services?

18 and older

Family Service Counseling

Does your staff treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)?

Yes, our nationally-certified, licensed professional therapists are equipped with a variety of tools to treat individuals suffering from PTSD.

Hire Attire

I just landed a job interview and need help. How do I become eligible for services?

To become a client of Hire Attire, you must obtain a referral from one of our community partners. A full list is available on the Hire Attire section of this website.

I'm interested in donating to the program. Where can I drop things off?

You may take your donation to any of our retail locations. Be sure to mention that the donation is for Hire Attire. You can also visit the Hire Attire program office at the J.W. Scott Community Center, 1637 8th Ave., Huntington, and drop donations there.

Human Resources

How do I apply for a job?

We recommend that all job seekers check our current job openings on Indeed.com.

If I apply for a specific job, can I be considered for other openings as well?

At Goodwill, we accept applications for specific jobs only. If you are interested in another available position, a new application would need to be submitted for consideration.


Does Goodwill accept donations of televisions?

Good condition, working televisions may be donated to any of our retail locations. Older or non-functional televisions may not be accepted, as our Recycling division has no outlet for disposing of them. Our Recycling division recommends individuals with these types of televisions to contact Best Buy.

Does Goodwill accept donations of plastic or glass containers?

At this time, Goodwill does not accept items of either type.

Is there a fee for dropping off newspaper and cardboard donations?

No, this service is offered to the community free of charge.

Does Goodwill "wipe" computers and hard drives when they are donated?

Some items may require additional preparation before you bring them in, as neither Goodwill nor our partner Dell Reconnect is liable for data removal or protection. Make sure you back up your data and wipe your hard drive before you drop off your equipment.


Why do you charge for items that are donated to you?

Goodwill is most widely known for its retail stores, but the real mission of Goodwill is what goes on behind the scenes. Donated items are sold so that we can fund our mission of providing therapy services, credit counseling, career training and employment assistance to people in our local communities.

Do you accept <insert item here>?

We accept nearly any item you can think of, with the exception of used undergarments and socks, matresses, and washer and dryers. If you’re unsure if we accept a particular item, bring it anyway!

Think Before You Donate

There are a lot of online rumors that float around our organization. Please check out this link for clarification regarding some of the most common ones we hear. https://www.goodwill.org/false-rumors/