Mary Clayton is the definition of loyalty. She has worked for Goodwill for 47 YEARS! Back in the 1970s, Mary was working for Green Acres Regional Center, a water bottling company in the local area. She then moved to Goodwill to work for the training center, doing contract work. She would sort shoes, hang up and sort merchandise (she once did 15 clothing racks in one day!), and other duties. She is now in charge of feeding paper through the shredder, which she has been doing since "way long ago"! Mary's day-to-day duties include feeding paper into a shredder, sorting the shreds into cages and sending them to be baled. She also will put clothing into salvage for recycling. She completes about 6 cages per day, meaning she is a pretty productive lady! Outside of work, Mary loves singing Rock n Roll and Christian songs with her friends in her assisted living community. She says Goodwill has taught her to cope with special situations, how to be a team player, and allows her to earn money to pay her bills to be independent. Mary's story is so unique and we have been beyond blessed to have her for nearly 50 years!

More Success Stories






Keonea came to Goodwill to complete Community and Facility-Based Work Adjustment classes and never left! Upon completing her class curriculum, taught by Jean Mansfield, Keonea was hired as a part time Retail Associate at our Virginia Avenue store.


If you've been to our Barboursville store or visited his ice cream truck, you know our buddy Jacob! Jacob truly doesn't know a stranger. Between running his ice cream truck in the warmer months to working in our Barboursville store, he keeps a pretty busy schedule. He is SUPER social and L O V E S talking with customers to make sure they feel right at home.


Jack works in our Lavalette retail store as part of our school-to-work program, but Jack also has a pretty cool business on his own. Jack runs his business, Jack & the Bean, which offers hot and iced coffee and other delicious drinks. However, if you ask Jack, he says working at Goodwill is his favorite job.